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Juniper Unite: What is “cloud enabled enterprise” to Juniper?
Sep 29, 2015

Some say that “software is eating the world,” if you believe this, and we do, then the extension is that the “Cloud is eating the world.” Literally everything is moving to the cloud. From public to private to hybrid, enterprises are adopting cloud technologies as their default operating model, making campus networks THE critical on-ramp to cloud-based applications deployed in private clouds, on premise data centers, or hosted remote locations.


Juniper unite cloud enabled enterpriseEnter the cloud-enabled enterprise—a common, unified network that supports a diverse set of devices, applications, people, and things to provide reliable, scalable, secure and highly available access to resources, whether they reside in the cloud, the data center, or the WAN.


For Juniper, our goal is to deliver a simplified, programmable network platform that can be easily customized and replicated across branches, campuses and on-premise data centers, allowing businesses to deploy their own private or public clouds.


Today, we are announcing Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise, the ability to bring disparate campuses, offices, branches and data centers into an Enterprise architecture.


Juniper Unite architecture helps customers become cloud enabled enterprises and is based on three objectives:


  1. Simple to Manage Networks: reduce operational costs from today’s brittle and complex infrastructure,
  2. Secure Networks: visibility to the network with programmability to defend against known and new zero day threats, and
  3. Open Convergence Framework: ensuring customer choice by integrating best of breed technology for WLAN, UC and security.

By providing a common, converged network spanning distributed locations, the cloud-enabled enterprise can recognize and support a diverse set of wired and wireless devices, applications, people and things, seamlessly and securely connecting them to services.


For more information please visit our Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Enterprise solution page.


Sep 29, 2015
Andrew Hill

Thanks for sharing, Jonathan.


I think this is a good initative that will gain traction with Enterprise customers. Secure networks that are simple to manage and integrate - that's what our customers are telling us they need.


- Andrew from OneConfig

Sep 30, 2015
Juniper Employee

Thanks for the comment Andrew. We are very excited about unleashing a whole new level of productivity and agility with our Unite Architecture empowering the Cloud Enabled Enterprise. It is time to break from the legacy brittle infrastructure and go to a fully automated system built from the ground up with agility and simplicity as core principles.

Oct 6, 2015
Manny Fresh
Gotta love technology!
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