Engineering Simplicity
Explore Juniper’s vision for network innovation and how the company and industry are transforming the future of networking
Engineering Simplicity
Juniper’s MetaFabric surpasses 5,000 customers – I think we’re on to something!
Sep 9, 2014

All journeys start the same – know where you want to go, have a good, reliable and trusted map to get there and ensure enough flexibility built in to tailor the journey that fits you best. For businesses, the journey to the cloud is no different. And choosing the path that fits you best, with an open architecture that provides freedom to follow your journey your way – no matter what comes – is paramount.


Nearly a year ago, Juniper released its cloud data center map – our MetaFabric Architecture designed with the needs of our customers in mind and built upon three key principles: simple, open and smart. The whole premise of MetaFabric is to provide an end-to-end next generation data center architecture that accelerates the deployment and delivery of applications for enterprises and service providers.


While we believed last October that MetaFabric was what our customers were looking for to help them in their journey to the cloud, we have been blown away by the tremendous reception from our customers. In less than a year, over 5,000 customers have embraced this architecture for their cloud data center network architecture.


Customers like UBS, Nike, Tribune Broadcasting, Cloud Dynamics, Catholic Health Systems, EVA Airways, Shutterstock, zulily, Interactive Data 7ticks, InterCloud, and thousands of others have chosen our simple architecture, an open approach to innovation, and a High-IQ perspective on network analytics and intelligence as they’ve deployed their cloud environments. And Juniper partners agree that MetaFabric is the perfect cloud blueprint for their clients. Juniper VAR, Bart Graf of Integration Partners told us:


“For many of the customers we work with, the cloud is the opportunity to break from legacy vendors and their locked-in, proprietary solutions. Juniper’s MetaFabric architecture is very much in tune with this trend, and its portfolio of open networking solutions has helped us gain significant traction with our existing customers as well as many new ones with enterprises building cloud networks.” 


Partners and customers alike see the value of MetaFabric’s openness – essentially, it is the freedom and flexibility to use any protocol, any orchestration platform, any SDN controller, for any data center application with the assurance of interoperability and minimal disruption. For others, it’s about the lower TCO of an open platform when compared with a closed, proprietary system and having the flexibility of choice for future upgrade cycles. See the comparison below…the numbers don’t lie.


Juniper QFX5100 vs Cisco Nexus 9500But don’t take my word for it. Check out our latest MetaFabric innovations around security intelligence and network analytics along with some of our customers talking about their own experiences in building cloud environments.


It’s clear customers hate to be locked into any one vendor. Juniper’s DNA is rooted in building open platforms that give our customers a foundation for speed, lower TCO and flexibility. MetaFabric builds on this heritage, with companies embracing its ability to deliver simple, smart, open solutions to enable their journey to the cloud.


After all, 5,000 customers can’t be wrong.