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NIKE Chooses Juniper Networks for Fit Datacenter
Aug 18, 2014

Juniper Networks entered into an agreement with Nike, Inc. last week that represents a long-term relationship for both companies and one that is both relevant and timely to what’s happening in the market. 


The idea of “outsourcing” the network and/or IT functions to a vendor, or keeping them in-house, is a decades-old strategy discussion. Many times the rationale with the CEO and Board is around acronyms like TCO and ROI or operational efficiencies. The reality often ends up in a different place than the original business case. 


There is no single right answer for all companies. It really comes down to their business challenges and needs.    


At Juniper, we are seeing companies decide whether or not to own the infrastructure and applications that run on it as they move more into the cloud age, or to own part of it and offload some of it to either IaaS or SaaS companies.


Information technology and the data companies collect from their customers are more critical than ever. A key differentiator between winning and losing is a company’s ability to take data from the market environment, connect it to people who will come up with the next great idea, and then translate that idea back into new products or services. 


There is a very good reason why companies like Tesla, Starbucks, UBS, and Nike are all leaders in their markets. 


They understand this value chain process, and they have a point of view that embraces building and connecting to clouds. Data is critical to their future growth and success as it provides better “High-IQ” intelligence about what is happening with their customer and markets.


Another commonality is that customers are looking for partners who can help them take this need for agility, speed and intelligence and transform their networks and IT capabilities. 


When companies go through this transformational thinking – from IT purely as a cost center to IT and the network as a strategic, agile asset and a key point of differentiation for their company and their brand – they are giving Juniper a call.  We know what it takes to build the next generation of clouds, what it takes to make a network deliver more intelligence and more automation in order to run at lower cost.


Providing business value and insight is at the core of our strategy at Juniper.  We work together with our customers to find the best way of taking new and emerging cloud and networking technologies and applying them to our customers’ biggest business challenges through a process we call “co-creation.” 


It’s what’s behind the meaning of our new brand and promise to our customers – Your ideas. Connected. By connecting our customers’ ideas through their networks better than anyone, we enable our customers to achieve new levels of creativity, breakthrough and success. 


We are looking forward to teaming with Nike to help them achieve their business goals and would like to do the same for you.


Where are you at as a business or IT leader for your company?  How do you think about IT and the network as a strategic differentiator?  How fast and accurate is your company or organization in connecting data to people, people to ideas and ideas to new value?  Are you thinking it might be time for something different? 


Drop me a note at would love to hear from you.