Engineering Simplicity
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Engineering Simplicity
NXTWORK 2018: Engineering Simplicity During a Time of Explosive Growth
Oct 9, 2018

This marks the fourth year of our annual customer event, NXTWORK. We have come a long way from our inaugural kick-off event in Santa Clara in 2015 where we drew a crowd of 267 attendees. In 2018, this number has grown to 730 attendees and we’ve taken the show around the world with stops in Australia, the U.K., China and Las Vegas.


The theme for NXTWORK 2018 is Engineering Simplicity in a time of explosive growth. Across our industry, everywhere you look, there is evidence of growth. Whether it’s the eye-popping bandwidth numbers driven by multimedia, the number of connected devices around the planet or the continued mass migration to cloud that shows up in the cloud providers quarterly results, rapid growth is all around us.


Rapid growth typically indicates progress, but growth can also create complexity.


At Juniper Networks, we like to solve hard problems. We develop technology to solve the most difficult, but also the most important problems in the world. It’s why we have decided to dig through the clutter and create a new true north for Juniper: battling growth-inhibiting complexity.



We have declared an all-out war on complexity. Customers such as Iceland Air use Juniper to help move more than four million passengers per year and manage the logistics behind travel, food, fuel and facilities. The airline needed a reliable network infrastructure that could scale and enable a seamless customer experience.Our job at Juniper is to take on the complexity of implementing that network infrastructure, so that Iceland Air can focus on what it does best: giving safe passage to its global voyagers. 



Tractor Supply, a nation-wide rural lifestyle retailer with more than 1,700 stores spanning 49 states, is in the midst of a digital transformation with an end goal of enhancing its customers’ experience. That’s why they have partnered with Juniper to build a secure multicloud solution. Now, Tractor Supply can scale its network to new heights to support outstanding shopper experiences and efficient retail operations.



These are just a couple of our favorite customer stories. At NXTWORK 2018, you’ll hear from my executive leadership team and many of our customers on how Juniper is engineering simplicity to help battle complexity.


We are also announcing a breadth of new offerings to accelerate the industry’s adoption of automation practices. Juniper is unveiling a collaborative community that includes tools, labs, libraries and an exchange of innovative applications to accelerate automation adoption for companies and individuals. This new engineering community, in addition to advanced trainings and education services, gives engineers a fast track to automate day-to-day network operations.


And our mission to engineer simplicity extends beyond the walls of Juniper. You’ll hear from Not Impossible Labs founder Mick Ebeling on how they are building technology for the sake of humanity – creating simple solutions to solve seemingly impossible problems and help improve the lives of individuals around the world.


So, to all the customers, partners, analysts, members of the media and Junivators from around the world who are attending NXTWORK 2018 this year – thank you for choosing to spend a few days with us. It’s our hope that the keynotes, breakouts and one-to-one conversations that you experience over the next few days prove invaluable and help you understand our mission of battling complexity.

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