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New Juniper Partner Advantage Program Initiatives are Designed to Deliver Greater Value to Partners
Oct 19, 2017

As Juniper Networks continues to innovate and create new solutions, it’s important that our partner program continues to evolve, as well. We want to ensure partners feel empowered to serve customers and are prepared for the industry changes ahead.


That’s why we are announcing updates to our Juniper Partner Advantage program for 2018. These updates will enable partners to address current and upcoming industry trends, simplify the requirements of our current program and enrich our rewards programs so that partners can grow their business as profitably as possible.


Effective January 1, 2018, new features of the Juniper Partner Advantage program include:

  • Two new cloud specializations that will address the role cloud is playing in driving IT adoption. These will join our existing Cloud Service Partner specialization, which has been supporting a growing number of Cloud Providers for over two years.
    • Cloud Integrator Specialization - designed to support our existing partners to build their cloud practices and support their customers’ deployments of private and cloud solutions underpinned by secure, high performance infrastructure.
    • Cloud First Specialization - for born-in-the-cloud partners wishing to expand their expertise in secure cloud infrastructure, along with public cloud deployments and relationships with cloud providers.


  • Address new market opportunities through new partner specializations based on emerging opportunities, including Cloud, Security, Data Center and Software Development. With these specializations, partners can build modular options to tailor their program to their specific business models.
  • Simplified core requirements, plus new partner specializations. Many of these new requirements align closely with existing partners’ business models to make the transition as seamless as possible.
  • Enriched rewards aligned to specializations will elevate partner capability and ensure investments that are most relevant to their business and customers. These include enhanced specialization-based rebates and tailored marketing programs designed for business growth.


This is an exciting time for Juniper and our partners. We are committed to helping our partners deliver best-in-class solutions tailored to customers' needs, build strong revenue growth and reward them as they invest, innovate and grow with Juniper.


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