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Engineering Simplicity
The Future of Networking with Hands-On Education: Announcing New OpenLab Locations Worldwide
Jun 21, 2016

At Juniper, we live and breathe innovation. And we want our customers and partners to have the resources they need in order to do the same. The industry continues to evolve at a pace faster than most companies, so we want to encourage the next phase of networking innovation with the tools, resources and expertise to advance the entire industry.



In 2012, we opened the doors to our first OpenLab, a center for innovation based in New Jersey, where we invite customers, partners, academia and other third parties to get “hands on” and explore, learn and directly work with Juniper technologies and resources.


Since the opening, OpenLab has become both a physical and virtual hub for collaboration, co-innovation and education within the areas of emerging networking and automation technologies, including software defined networking and network programmability. Customers, partners and others have used OpenLab’s resources to participate in technology training sessions; explore SDN technology via platform sandboxes; develop, test, and demonstrate new integrated solutions; participate in university hackathons and more.


Based on the success we’ve seen, we are excited to announce the global expansion of OpenLab to six new locations around the world. With the distributed regional centers, not only can we provide access to a suite of Juniper’s physical and virtual products, we will also be able to extend the delivery of our hands-on educational programs to further fuel innovation and prepare the industry for the exciting road ahead as new network architectures and automation takes hold. 


Why OpenLab?

Because we believe in arming the current and next generation of IT leaders with the tools they need to constantly innovate. According to a recent survey by Wakefield Research, nearly half of the IT decision makers surveyed believe their workforce will not have the skills needed for their role five years from now. By increasing the availability of OpenLab expertise and resources, Juniper is empowering industry leaders, both existing and emerging, with the training and hands-on experiences necessary to keep pace with networking evolution.


To learn more about Juniper OpenLab and to catch a glimpse of our New Jersey lab, be sure to check out this video.