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The Next Generation Agile Branch Is Here
Jul 8, 2016


To maintain operations, enterprises must cloud-enable these branches by adopting an agile, automated, and scalable network approach that delivers complete, end-to-end security. 


Juniper is solving these problems with the introduction of our new Cloud-Enabled Branch, which is designed to reduce complexity and close security vulnerabilities by giving control back to the enterprises and lowering operational expenses.



Automated, Secure and ready for SD-WAN

Juniper has tapped two decades of networking expertise and a thorough understanding of enterprise needs to develop a new Cloud-Enabled Branch solution that lets enterprises utilize various network links for implementing different cloud applications in their branch locations.


The Cloud-Enabled Branch uses automation strategies across your Enterprise network to reduce manual configuration errors, speed up the branch deployments and in turn, reduce the operational expenses of branch management.


And, because protecting every location is critical, our Cloud-Enabled Branch delivers comprehensive security services that dynamically update policies to mitigate day-zero threats, whether they originate inside or outside the enterprise network.


If you’re moving to the cloud, now’s the time to move to Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch.




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