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The Only Piece of Hardware Your Branch Will Ever Need
Jun 28, 2016

Human error accounts for 52 percent of security breaches in today’s enterprise networks. Why? Two reasons. First, these networks are so complex, with multiple layers of products and tools, they require cumbersome manual processes to manage them, leaving them vulnerable to operational and security lapses. Second, many employees use unsanctioned applications that may not be safe, leaving networks exposed to exploitation.


Dealing with these vulnerabilities is difficult enough in an enterprise campus, but they multiply exponentially as the network expands to include branch locations. To maintain operations, enterprises must cloud-enable these branches by adopting an agile, automated, and scalable network approach that delivers complete, end-to-end security. 


Juniper is tackling this problem head-on with the introduction of our new Cloud-Enabled Branch, which is designed to reduce complexity and close security vulnerabilities by giving control back to the enterprises and lowering operational expenses.



Introducing Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch

The Cloud-Enabled Branch extends the core objectives of Juniper’s Unite Enterprise Architecture to widely distributed remote locations, transforming the branch into an on-ramp to the cloud.  Even better, this cloud-optimized solution is more secure and more scalable than traditional approaches. 


The foundation of Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch is a single, simple “networking server” that gives you the networking horsepower you need – with the latest in SD-WAN functionality, simple to sophisticated routing, and a full-suite of Next-Generation Firewall capabilities. But here’s the really cool thing – this network platform will grow with you because it can also support any virtualized third-party function that can run on x86. And that’s why it may be the only piece of hardware you’ll have to deploy in your branch. 


The Cloud-Enabled Branch Under the Hood

Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch delivers the network of the future with a holistic, comprehensive solution that offers unmatched value, scale, and security. The solution includes the following components:


  • The NFX Series Network Services Platform, which features compute capabilities that allow it to run virtualized services and applications, bringing agility to the branch through automation. It’s essentially a high-powered server with networking interfaces, allowing branches to consolidate multiple appliances into one easy-to-manage device, flexibly delivering both Juniper and third-party services along with custom enterprise applications critical to the needs of enterprise businesses. And a built-in, zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) feature allows enterprises to deploy new branches in just minutes rather than days.
    • The SRX and vSRX Series Services Gateways provide a foundation for implementing a wide array of protection, including high-performance UTM services, next-generation firewall, and dynamic threat defense and intelligence. Combined with Juniper’s Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, Spotlight Secure, and Junos Space Security Director, we deliver comprehensive enterprise security that scales to any number of locations, empowering enterprises with consistent security and policy services at every location.


The application and content awareness of the SRX Series platforms, along with the advanced routing capabilities featured in the Junos OS, enables enterprises to implement SD-WAN functionality, utilizing various network links in an intelligent manner without jeopardizing service quality or reliability.  



More Open, More Secure

Juniper has tapped two decades of networking expertise and a thorough understanding of enterprise needs to develop a new Cloud-Enabled Branch solution that lets enterprises utilize various network links for implementing different cloud applications in their branch locations.


Our Cloud-Enabled Branch employs an open platform that lets enterprise customers choose the virtualized services—whether Juniper’s vMX virtual router, Juniper’s vSRX virtual firewall, or third-party services and applications—that best fit their branch needs. 


And, because protecting every location is critical, our Cloud-Enabled Branch delivers comprehensive security services that dynamically update policies to mitigate day-zero threats, whether they originate inside or outside the enterprise network.


If you’re moving to the cloud, now’s the time to move to Juniper’s Cloud-Enabled Branch.



Download Solution Brief: Juniper Unite Cloud-Enabled Branch

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