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Engineering Simplicity
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Nov 15, 2014

Today I just wrapped up an exciting week in Europe. We started in Paris where Juniper Networks had a huge presence at the OpenStack Summit.Cloud.png


From the customers and developers I spoke with, it’s clear that the opportunity to build clouds with open architectures is real and the potential of such environments to transform how we deliver network services is huge.


I had to leave the summit a bit early because we had an important set of announcements to make this week in London, focused squarely on giving telco and cable providers the tools needed to transform their technology, their operations and their business models.


First, on the technology front, we announced the Virtual MX (vMX) – the only carrier class virtualized router in the industry. We have taken the feature-rich MX router and we’ve optimized it for an x86 environment. Service providers will be able to scale up and down as quickly as they can deploy a virtual machine (VM) – that’s minutes! And because almost every major service provider is familiar with Junos, bringing the vMX into their environment will be seamless operationally. With the combination of the physical MXs like the MX2020 (the only 80 Tbps system in the world) for maximum scale and the virtual MXs for maximum agility, service providers will truly have an elastic network that can exceed the expectations of their customers for customized, on-demand services.


But we didn’t stop there. We know that operational transformation is of critical importance to service providers and bridging the IT and IP domains is essential. So, we announced Junos DevOps, a comprehensive toolkit that takes advantage of the most modern automation and scripting capabilities – from Puppet and Chef to Ansible, Ruby and Python – to give cloud builders the ability to run the network in the same way they run their compute environment. This removes the network configuration from the critical path and frees up the service provider to move from their legacy “TelcoOps” model of operations to a more fluid and dynamic “DevOps” model.


And finally, to help our customers transform their business models, we introduced Contrail Cloud. We assembled a “Cloud in a Rack” solution that provides a turnkey way that we and our integration partners can deliver cloud infrastructure – from OSS/BSS to virtualized network functions to a complete SDN+network+compute+storage solution. This will ensure our customers can move from static, pre-defined offerings to user-defined, dynamic services that they can monetize.


To find out more about this announcement today and how you can revolutionize your network, register for this video.

Nov 15, 2014
Robert Mullins
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