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Three Contrail Live Demos + One Exciting Party You Do Not Want to Miss at OpenStack Summit Paris
Nov 3, 2014

This week’s OpenStack Summit is bringing a technology vibe to this multi-faceted city. Paris is turning into a mingling place for thousands of stackers - software developers, cloud architects and information technologies executives – to exchange ideas, co-create, and showcase the latest an coolest things they are doing on the open and revolutionary OpenStack cloud management platform.


musee-d-orsay.jpgYou can't come to a summit in Paris without going to a party! The most classy party during OpenStack Summit is going to happen at Musee D’Orsay on Tuesday night November 4th from 7PM to 11PM, jointly sponsored by Juniper Networks, originator of OpenContrail, and Canonical. No registration is needed, just show up with your party spirit to meet and mingle with your fellow stackers over a few drinks and a tour of the museum itself. A shuttle will pick you up from the Summit venue.


Cloud is becoming a focal point to connect people and ideas, which means that heterogeneous clouds and heterogeneous building blocks of each cloud need to be seamlessly interconnected through cloud networks at scale. Indeed, networking technologies are becoming more and more important and getting more and more attentions from technologists and cloud software developers.


OpenContrail is an open source community initiated by Juniper Networks to drive innovation in cloud networking and service automation backed by technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).


In this OpenStack Summit, OpenContrail is showcasing a series of ready-to-use features that give cloud builders freedom of choices, intelligent automation, and always-on reliability. If you are considering using OpenStack to build your cloud, have been using OpenStack but feeling you need a more scalable and intelligent way to enhance cloud networking, you do not want to miss the following live demos at the Juniper + OpenContrail booth #C6 when you roam around the expo hall. In case you won’t make to Paris, we also have them on our “Contrail Visualized” play list on Juniper’s Youtube channel.



Contrail Cloud is all about freedom of choice and leveraging your existing environment and investment to move to the cloud in an evolutionary fashion. So we are agnostic of your virtualization scheme, or whether your virtualize your compute at all. In this demo we are showcasing Contrail’s unique capability to orchestrate cloud networks connecting workload over multiple hypervisors, Linux Containers, and bare metal servers. It not only allows simple operations such as spinning up Virtual Machines in these environments, but also enables seamless communication between the virtual machines by orchestrating highly scalable virtual networks and connecting these virtual networks through policies with consistency.



Organizations are increasingly moving their mission-critical applications into the cloud, resulting in heightened expectations and requirements of cloud reliability, which includes three key aspects: high availability, robust security and elastic scalability. This demo highlights scalability enhancements that Contrail brings.

With the default Neutron plugin, OpenStack could only scale up to about 350 compute nodes. Security groups turn out to be a bottleneck for Neutron scaling but even with default security group disabled, each compute node can only scale up to around 170 virtual instances. Contrail can significantly enhance the scalability of OpenStack Neutron. Powered by simplistic and scale-out design, Contrail easily bumps up the scaling number to more than 3 times that of the default Neutron plugin, and support over 1000 compute nodes with security group configurations.



Organizations build cloud to run dynamic applications, support self-service style of resource provisioning and true multi-tenancy. All of these have dictated that cloud infrastructure needs to be automated reducing human intervention to a minimum. It is intuitive that in order to automate a process or system, there first needs to be insights in how the system is running, and whether there are any changes needed. This insight is gained through collection and analysis of information on all components in the system. This demo showcases the rich and prescriptive Contrail Analytics that collects state information about physical network topology, and correlate analytics from virtual overlay and physical networks to simplify monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting of cloud networks.


How do you find us? We are in booth C6 at the OpenStack Marketplace. See you there!


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