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Engineering Simplicity
Transforming the Enterprise Experience with Open Networks
Sep 17, 2015

Between BYOD, SaaS applications and a growing array of end user devices, the enterprise campus network is under continuous pressure to scale, remain secure, and be highly available. Customers are increasingly relying on vendors to collaborate to increase visibility and simplify the management of customers’ network infrastructure. In addition, increasing levels of performance and bandwidth is required from wired access networks as 802.11ac and newer WLAN standards evolve. Our customers’ need for an open and flexible wired and wireless solution in enterprise network infrastructure is more urgent than ever.


In an effort to meet these demands, more than a year ago Juniper announced a partnership with Aruba Networks, the first partner in our Open Convergence Framework (OCF). OCF enables Juniper and our partners to provide best-of-breed technologies to our customers.


Aruba was the first in what we knew would be a series of partnerships that now include Ruckus, and as of today, Sept. 17th, our newly announced partnership with Aerohive.


With OCF, Juniper has enabled an open platform for customer choice like no other vendor by offering joint solutions with three of the top four wireless vendors. While our competitors offer “open talk,” Juniper has walked the talk with truly open solutions – what we like to call “open do.” With Aruba, Ruckus and Aerohive as key partners, Juniper’s solutions cover an array of deployment choices including 802.11ac capabilities, centralized controller and controller-less (cloud-based) architectures. These solution capabilities are targeted at carriers, carpeted enterprises, universities, healthcare and retail.


Customers tell us they like this strategy, too. Juniper and Aruba were awarded a significant contract with Jefferson Parish School Systems in Louisiana, to provide new and faster wireless access to all of the schools in Jefferson Parish, one of the largest in the nation.


The result of our 14 month effort to create a new open eco-system for WLAN and wired collaboration? A truly cloud enabled enterprise that is simple, secure, and open – the core tenets of our Open Convergence Framework.


With our approach, enterprises are able to optimize application performance, enable mobility-centric security and policy, and reduce total cost of ownership by eliminating vendor lock-in. Juniper will continue to deliver on the promise of “open” networks.


As they say, “talk is cheap” and everyone can use the word “open.” Look not at what your vendors state, but what they actually “do.”

Sep 20, 2015
MEhul Doshi

Excellent addition to the list of partners for open convergence framework.

first aruba, ruckus and now aero hive . Would appreciate what is developed with the first partner i.e aruba networks  is shared for customers and ecosystem to have preview of the benefits which were planned and what is achievable today.

The more benefits customers see in this framework more would become the adoption.