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Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
Automate, Test and Validate with Juniper's New Virtual Customer Certification Lab, Cloud CCL
Oct 18, 2018

As Bikash Koley, Juniper Networks’ CTO, mentioned in his blog, Network Reliability Engineering is catching on as the practice applies to NetOps and Juniper has hitched our wagon to this positive trend and the 5-step journey to automated network operations. Today, if enterprises have a physical network that they want to automate or change, one of the most essential actions they would need to take to reach Network Reliable Engineering is to rigorously test it before releasing a production or live network.


Juniper has physical Customer Certification Labs (CCL) around the globe that give customers a controlled environment where they can simulate their network and test new services, software, configurations and hardware. This physical testing lab can help validate compatibility with their specific set-up before the actual deployment of their network, ensuring the reduction of risk, as well as providing a smooth and simple path for any upgrades, configuration changes and production deployments


Juniper is now introducing Juniper’s Cloud Customer Certification Lab (Cloud CCL), a hosted version of CCL in the cloud. Juniper customers can purchase subscriptions that will give them access to Juniper products, such as the vMX virtual router, vSRX virtual firewall, Junos Space products, JSA Series Secure Analytics Appliances and traffic generators that will all come with a set of blueprints and other network automation tools. Cloud CCL reduces the barrier to entry for Juniper customers to test and certify their changes while experimenting with network architectures. This allows them to build out their network instantaneously in a virtual environment.


Cloud CCL complements Juniper’s physical CCL and allows customers to create a new test environment and validate network deployments virtually without having to worry about high cost, complexity or the limitations of a physical network lab. Cloud CCL is a self-service tool that incorporates open-source automation capabilities into the testing process, making it easier to complete tests more efficiently and faster while eliminating many unforced user errors.


Cloud CCL can also simplify customers’ path to Network Reliability Engineering by testing networks in Juniper’s new virtual customer certification lab and limit the risk of testing, developing and deploying new features or services in a production environment.