Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
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Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
Sep 21, 2016

It’s not a question of if, but of when. When you stop talking about automating your datacenter network and actually do something about it.


Because the growing complexity of your IT infrastructure – that ongoing bugaboo for IT management – is going to force you to make the choice. As organizations like yours increasingly embrace cloud models and expand initiatives such as mobility, big data analytics and unified communications, they will need to simplify and modernize their data centers to eliminate silos and deploy architectural models that enable much higher levels of integration, automation and orchestration.  


Keep in mind that the true goal is not automation per se, but rather simplification – addressing the complexities of running a datacenter. Automation is effective at eliminating repetitive manual tasks. It is less effective when the underlying environment is too complex and requires the constant intervention of an expert. So it’s important to simplify the physical environment as much as possible first, then automation can mask much of the remaining complexity.


Simplifying and automating your networks is especially important. Network infrastructures have tended to be less agile than other datacenter components and have typically not delivered the levels of automation and programmability to meet today’s cloud initiatives. This is changing, however, as leading networking vendors are delivering innovations in fabric technologies, advanced automation tools and next-generation technologies, such as software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).


Juniper Networks has been a pioneer in driving reduced complexity and increased automation in the network. The Juniper model follows a three-pronged approach to network automation and comprises built-in simplification and automation features within its switches, routers and security appliances, all as part of the industry leading Junos operating system. In addition, Juniper supports an open model that enables simple integration with industry leading automation and orchestration tools.


The business case for achieving operational simplicity through automation is powerful. Any organization of any size in any industry can save money, reduce complexity, increase speed to market, enhance employee productivity, and drive the successful deployment of new business services and applications.


To learn more about how Juniper Networks can help you make the business case for network simplicity and automation within your organization, please contact us.