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Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
Contrail Tops SDN Controller Evaluations!
Jan 30, 2017

     Hackers are launching massive attacks aimed at the “central repositories for much of the world’s data: data centers”. According to a recent IHS Markit survey report, “Cloud & Data Center Security Strategies & Vendor Leadership” (Dec. 2016), large service providers deploying security solutions in data centers have to consider a wide range of security technologies and architectures, like software that protects a single virtual machine or container, virtual appliances, and big iron security products that sit in the data center at multiple locations. They’re also looking to completely change the way they architect their network infrastructure (like SDN), which will drive changes in the way they deploy security.


     Despite significant discussion about SDN in the data center world, it’s still early in the deployment cycle for SDN applications. However, when asked which SDN controllers are being evaluated currently, Contrail came out as the leader. On top of that, IHS noted that a hosting provider who chooses Contrail is very likely to deploy Juniper vSRX virtual firewalls as their first step. You can try Contrail risk-free anytime, here.Source: IHS Markit: Cloud & Data Center Security Strategies & Vendor Leadership (Dec. 12, 2016)Source: IHS Markit: Cloud & Data Center Security Strategies & Vendor Leadership (Dec. 12, 2016)

     This is not the first time that Contrail has been voted #1 in surveys like this. In the 2015 edition of this IHS Markit survey, Contrail was also #1. And if you recall, OpenContrail (referring to the open source version, that leverages the same source code as Contrail) was voted as the #1 commercially available SDN controller three surveys in a row by OpenStack users.


     Looking forward, you can expect to see Contrail continue to integrate seamlessly with other products and technologies, and for our community to grow and strengthen, through both meetups as well as large events like OpenStack Summit.  Follow @OpenContrail to get real-time updates and participate in the community!