Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
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Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
Enterprise WAN for the Cloud Era
Jan 29, 2019

Cloud adoption and multicloud raises bandwidth, application performance, security and privacy concerns for enterprise customers. With data processing spanning from centralized cloud to the distributed edge, a fast and reliable WAN is critical to the success of every enterprise. And to help you get there, Juniper has announced its enhanced Enterprise WAN 5-Step Journey. The enterprise WAN interconnects the various business site types including the corporate headquarters, branch offices, and remote workers while enabling access to applications in public and private data centers.


The key considerations and requirements for an Enterprise WAN include:


  • Capacity Utilization: While it is easy and economical to add bandwidth in the data center and campus, it is not easy nor cost-effective to add bandwidth in the WAN. Enterprises want the ability to make the most of what they already have.
  • Application Performance: The latency and jitter associated with the WAN often causes application performance to degrade. The WAN should not only improve the application experience but also bring in much needed predictability and service assurance.
  • Visibility: Enterprises need enhanced visibility to how the WAN is used and who is using it in order to do capacity planning, intelligent QOS or prioritization, and driving end-to-end security.
  • Management & Automation: An effective WAN design features simple, automated, and centralized management. Enterprise customers would also like to have the ability to provision additional resources on demand and steer traffic using alternate paths in order to improve efficiency or contain and work around faults.
  • Resiliency and Security: Outages and attacks on the WAN bring the entire enterprise to a standstill. Networking teams need the ability to prevent these and recover quickly.


Juniper has all of the building blocks to deliver a complete end-to-end enterprise WAN solution for its customers. As VP of Enterprise Marketing, Mike Bushong, mentioned in his blog, “Top to Bottom Success in the Enterpise WAN”, our solutions cover top-to-bottom orchestration, security and observability and span all WAN use cases, including WAN aggregation and backbone, data center interconnect (DCI), hybrid and multicloud interconnectivity, internet peering, and SD-WAN.


Juniper’s strength in WAN routing technology and vision is built on Junos OS that helps enterprises connect their campuses, data centers and the multicloud super-highway of direct connections into public cloud. Junos OS has two decades of deployments in some of the most demanding service provider and enterprise environments. It is the first operating system that brought modularity as well as control and data plane separation to deliver carrier-grade scale and highly available solutions. With support for proven technologies like MPLS TE/FRR and new technologies like Segment Routing / SPRING, Juniper provides its enterprise customers the ability to fully utilize their network bandwidth.





Juniper Networks routers, namely the MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform, provide a robust portfolio of SDN-enabled routing platforms with industry-leading system capacity, density, security and performance:

  • Run Junos OS and the programmable Trio chipset, enabling rich automation and telemetry features today in more with future upgrades
  • Enable a rich set of business- and consumer-oriented services with predictable low latency and wire-rate forwarding at scale
  • Meet strict service-level agreements (SLAs) with renowned reliability
  • Enable Junos automation and integration with our portfolio of software orchestration and analytics products thanks to APIs like Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET), PyEz, Junos Telemetry Interface (JTI), IPFIX/SFLOW, OpenConfig and more.


Juniper’s NorthStar WAN SDN Controller provides a comprehensive solution for traffic optimization and control over IP/MPLS flows in large enterprise WAN networks. The controller automates the creation of traffic-engineering paths across the network, increasing network utilization and enabling a customized and programmable networking experience. NorthStar abstracts the transport technology (MPLS/SPRING for example), thereby simplifying service rollouts and changes.


Last but not the least, Juniper enables secure communication over both the Internet (IPsec) and dark fiber (MACsec). Together with stateful firewall services, DDoS protection and the like, enterprise customers can effectively identify and prevent most security threats.


Combining great hardware with great on-device and off-device software, provides a complete solution to enterprise customers of all sizes and needs. Best of all, our open standards-based solution provides a highly scalable and reliable WAN solution that is evolvable over time with no lock in.

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