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Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
Hero Status is Waiting
Nov 3, 2016

If you’re looking for hero status in your organization – and maybe a sizable year-end bonus – it’s time to get your data center automation ducks in a row. It simply doesn’t pay to put it off any longer.


In recent weeks, we’ve made the case for automation pretty clear. We’ve shown you why you need to automate your network, how to make the business case for automation and how develop a plan to get you there. Now it’s time to get the right tools and technology partner in place.




There are important tools that will help you simply and seamlessly bring automation to your network. It starts with choosing a network partner that offers a flattened and simplified network architecture that reduces the number of devices and tiers that must be managed. You also want an open network operating system to give you more choices, as well as a consistent management interface across all elements. With a flatter and simpler architecture, you can explore the available tools for each of the key steps involved in automation. For example:


  • Provisioning: A solution such as Juniper Networks Zero Touch Provisioning automates the provisioning of any device on the network. With this tool, your switches can automatically download the correct image and configuration of a new switch or another device as soon as it is racked, stacked and powered on.


  • Management: This is where you can use a tool such as Juniper Junos Space Network Director to visualize, analyze and control the entire network through a single pane of glass, using advanced telemetry and analytics to address potential problems before the impact operations.


  • Orchestration: This is where an open network architecture is particularly important. You want to be able to use orchestration tools such as OpenStack and CloudStack, along with a network management solution that supports seamless integration with the leading IT automation tools, such as Ansible, Chef or Puppet.


In embracing network automation, it’s important to follow a logical and carefully thought-out path that starts with identifying the overall business benefits and continues through the key steps outlined in this series of blogs. You want to make sure you choose a network technology partner that is committed to the simpler, flatter and open network architectures of the future, with a comprehensive set of tools to enable and support automation at all stages: provisioning, management and orchestration.


Juniper Networks has been a leader in stressing the importance of flatter, simpler and open networks and has been a major proponent of automation as a critical tool in modernizing network infrastructures. This leadership is reflected throughout Juniper’s solutions, including fabrics, switches, operating systems and management tools.


So be a hero and take the steps to automate. Juniper is here to help you. For more on the benefits of network automation with Juniper solutions, check out this whitepaper and be sure to read the links on provisioning and management. But if that’s not enough and you want an independent opinion on the effectiveness of Juniper’s automation solutions, check out this blog and this infographic.