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Higher Education: A Natural Home for Artificial Intelligence
Nov 2, 2018


bblog112.pngArtificial Intelligence (AI) is real, and it is changing the course of human history. 


Multicloud is a primary vector that is bringing AI into our lives— so it should not be surprising when you realize that much of the technology behind the cloud is AI driven. For example, Google smartphone apps include elements of cloud-based AI decision making that guides how we navigate our freeways or look for a bite to eat. 


There isn’t a better place to experience and use AI than academic institutions, where learning and research drive the development of artificial intelligence. And it’s not limited to the computer science departments, either.


This week, Mist— a Juniper Networks partner and a pioneer in self-learning Wi-Fi networks powered by AI —touted how Dartmouth College, a prestigious Ivy League school, is deploying Mist’s cloud-based, AI-driven Learning Wireless LAN (WLAN) Wi-Fi solution. Dartmouth recognized the value of embracing AI and employing it in the campus network—the very technology that enables its students, staff and community of researchers to connect. Mist AI proactively learns about the Dartmouth educational environment and uses this acquired knowledge to enable a better mobile experience for all users.


Juniper's networking infrastructure technology is part of this story, integrated with the Mist solution to provide rich insights into the wired access edge, ensuring any issues are proactively identified and corrected to prevent them from impacting users.


AI will continue to play a role in our lives and institutes of higher learning like Dartmouth will be on the forefront of its development.


To learn more about Mist’s involvement at Dartmouth, read the press release.   


Also, check out the Mist Dartmouth-Juniper webinar at https://webinar.informationweek.com/4854?keycode=CAA1DC.  


Finally, learn more about Juniper and Mist by visiting https://www.juniper.net/us/en/products-services/wireless/mist/.

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