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Interop Tokyo 2017 Grand Prix Award Winner – Juniper Unite Cloud : Junos Fusion Data Center & QFX5110
Jun 8, 2017

At Interop Tokyo 2017, Junos Fusion Data Center & QFX5110 both part of Juniper Unite Cloud won a big prize: Grand Prix award in the Cloud Platform division.


Figure 1: Interop Tokyo 2017  Grand Prix Award Winner - Junos Fusion Data Center and  QFX5110Figure 1: Interop Tokyo 2017 Grand Prix Award Winner - Junos Fusion Data Center and QFX5110

This is third year in a row when Juniper’s QFX series switches have won industry’s acclaimed Grand Prix Award. Last year, QFX10008 data center spine switch won in the same category and in 2015, QFX10002 switch won in the Data Center Networking category.


Today a major challenge in data centers around the world is the growing network complexity that continues to burden network administrators as they have to staff large operations teams in order to configure and manage enormous numbers of endpoints, increasing operational, administrative, and management burden while driving TCO higher.


Enter Junos Fusion Data Center part of Juniper Unite Cloud – Interop 2017 Grand Prix award winner, an Ethernet fabric solution that helps reduce network complexity and operational expenses by enabling multiple distributed devices to be managed as a single, logical device.


Figure 2: Junos Fusion Data CenterFigure 2: Junos Fusion Data Center

Two major components of Junos Fusion Data Center:


Aggregation devices (AD): Aggregation devices serve as the core of a Junos Fusion fabric. One or two aggregation devices can be used in a single Junos Fusion fabric. All configurations take place from the Aggregation device.


Satellite devices (SD): Satellite devices form the access layer of a Junos Fusion fabric. These devices, which are connected via uplinks to the Aggregation devices, need not be individually managed as the control plane resides on the Aggregation device.


Benefits of Junos Fusion Data Center to customers:


  • Single point of management for multiple switches in the data center.
  • Zero Touch Deployment - Plug and play provisioning of access devices.
  • Deploy Features Faster - Features on AD can be deployed on multiple SDs.
  • Pay as you Grow – Add a satellite device to add ports.
  • Grow the functionality of the satellite device – Rich features of AD available on SD.
  • Optimize CapEx – Deploy SD in place of line cards.
  • Faster Software Upgrade Cycles – Run independent software version on each component.


Another challenge faced by data center customers is due to the increasing adoption of virtualized workloads (VMs and containers) and because of ongoing transition from on prem to off prem cloud services that has resulted in significant strain on the spine-leaf architectures. The higher bandwidth at the access layer (10/40 GbE) has driven the need for greater upstream bandwidth (100GbE).


Also part of Juniper Unite Cloud - QFX5110 switch, 2017 Grand Prix award winner - provides 100GbE uplink access to the aggregation layer along with features designed to optimize today’s agile data centers. Based on Broadcom’s Trident 2+ chipset, the QFX5110 is available in two form factors:


  • QFX5110-48S: Compact, 1U 10GbE/100GbE data center access switch with 48 small form-factor pluggable plus (SFP+) transceiver ports and 4 QSFP28 ports, which can be configured as 4x40GbE or 4x100GbE ports.


  • QFX5110-32Q:Compact, 1U 40GbE/100GbE data center access and aggregation switch offering up to 32 QSFP+ ports, or 20 QSFP+ ports and 4 QSFP28 ports.

Figure 3: QFX5110-48SFigure 3: QFX5110-48S

Figure 4: QFX5110-32QFigure 4: QFX5110-32Q

Apart from offering 100GbE uplinks, QFX5110 also offers the following benefits to customers:


  • High-density configurations: QFX5110-48S supports up to 64 10GbE ports, while the QFX5110-32Q supports up to 104.
  • PTP support: QFX5110 is capable of supporting Precision Time Protocol (PTP), making it ideal for financial services applications with regulatory timing requirements.
  • Multi-speed ports: QFX5110 supports 10/40/100GbE access and aggregation speeds with uniform QSFP28 uplink ports.
  • Superior Scale: QFX5110 offers improved scale for VRF, MPLS labels, ACLs and port buffers.




Switch Throughput

1.76 Tbps

2.56 Tbps

QSFP+/QSFP28 Ports



Maximum 10GbE Port Density



Maximum 40GbE Port Density



Maximum 100GbE Port Density




While we are obviously excited having won the 2017 Interop Grand Prix Award, we can’t really say we are surprised. For information on Juniper Unite Cloud, please click here. And for information on QFX5110, please click here and for information on Junos Fusion, please click here .