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Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
MPC10E Adds High Density 100GE and 400GE to the MX240, MX480 and MX960
Nov 5, 2019

In April 2019, Juniper Networks started shipping its newest and highest-performing MPC10E (Modular Port Concentrator) line card that provides packet forwarding services for the MX series, specifically the MX240, 480 and 960. The MPC10E supports higher densities of 100GE and also adds support for 400GE interfaces. This helps users pack in more throughput through the same form factors while deploying fewer systems and having a greater capacity. This line card is capable of delivering up to 1.5T per slot bandwidth.





One of the key benefits of the MPC is the strong investment protection. This enables seamless upgrades to a business’ existing infrastructure on the MX240, MX480 or MX960 while maintaining backwards compatibility with the MPC3E, MPC4E, MPC5E, MPC7E, 16x10G and the NG-MPC line cards, as well as the MS-MPC services card. With these upgrades, users can have high-speed connectivity and flexible services at scale.


When upgrading to the MPC10E, Juniper can provide industry-first integrated services at scale. This means secure connectivity over private and public owned infrastructure with no compromises in throughput with MACsec.


In order to be successful, one of the most important traits for a business to have is the ability to be open and flexible. With the MPC10E, you can use open APIs for programmable routing and forwarding, integrating with 3rd party vendors. Users can also leverage the unprecedented feature-rich TRIO silicon as a hardware accelerator.


Users of the MX240, 480 and 960 have the option to upgrade to take advantage of the new MPC10E line card features while leveraging prior investments in Juniper’s MX routers. With the MX tier licensing promotion, users have the option of choosing between four packages that consist of either a 10-port or 15-port MPC10E line card, with either the “advanced” or “premium” JUNOS software licenses.

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