Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
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Enterprise Cloud and Transformation
The Changing Nature of Data Center Networking
Nov 13, 2017

The role of IT is changing. As IT used to be viewed as primarily a services organization, modern enterprises of even moderate size and sophistication are relying on IT as a key strategic contributor. With the shift in responsibility, there is a commensurate shift in IT leadership priorities. This shift is the focus of recent research led by PwC.


About the research 

The research led by PwC was completed in July 2017. As part of the research, PwC received 235 survey responses and conducted an additional 35 live interviews with IT leaders. Of the respondent group, 52% were either the CIO or the head of IT, with an additional 32% identifying as a VP of IT or IT manager.  


The respondent group was distributed globally, with leaders hailing from North America, Europe, and Asia. They represented companies across virtually every major industry, including technology, finance and banking, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, public sector, insurance, manufacturing, and others. Of the companies represented, 66% reported annual revenues north of $1B USD.


The research covered several major areas, including buying plans and criteria, future plans for cloud, and the adoption of technology like SDN and application performance monitoring. 


Alignment on networking buying criteria 

Of note, PwC’s research reveals changes in overall buying criteria for IT leaders when considering data center networking solutions. Based on the survey and interview results, these are the top five buying criteria for CIOs and VPs/Managers of IT:Snip20171109_4.png


While the lists vary in terms of absolute priority, the alignment between the CIOs and functional leaders in regards to their top five priorities is remarkable. Both groups list security and automation as their top data center networking criteria. And while the order of the remaining top five items is not identical, they each call out technology innovation, agility, and TCO savings.


Cloud is imminent 

PwC’s research also provides strong evidence that migration to the cloud is underway. IT leaders responded that workloads across every major functional category will move to the cloud in the coming one to three years. on-prem.png



Of course, respondents were clear that while workloads across every major functional area would move, they also indicated there would be on-premises workloads for the foreseeable future. This will leave enterprises grappling with how to maintain legacy systems while expanding into the cloud.  


Finally, with workloads split across private and public cloud in every major application category, the future will almost certainly be hybrid cloud for most enterprises (private-public and public-public). 


For more information 

The research itself is broader than these summary statements. For those interested in learning more about the findings and their implications, please visit www.juniper.net/automateyournetwork.

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