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The Force is with the Juniper QFX10002 Switch
Jan 8, 2016

The Juniper QFX10002—a 2U, 36- and 72-port 40GbE fixed-configuration switch—just concluded the year 2015 with a performance that far exceeded expectations in terms of units shipped, revenue and customer deployments.



The QFX10002, introduced in Q1’15 as a member of the QFX10000 line of switches, features Juniper’s custom ASIC, delivering up to 6 Tbps of line-rate switching and the industry’s highest 40/100GbE port density and unprecedented scalability in a fixed form factor. Positioned as a high-density, highly scalable, future-proofed platform optimized for cloud applications, the QFX10002 is currently deployed in close to 20 production networks around the globe and about 100 more in different phases of deployment (PoC/ Lab trials/ demo). Customers representing everything from web services and government institutions to large enterprises and service/cable providers are using this highly versatile switch for applications such as:


  1. Data center spine and aggregation
  2. Data Center Interconnect / edge
  3. Backbone LSR/ IP core
  4. Metro aggregation
  5. High Performance Computing

The QFX10002 provides these customers with a critical solution they can only get from Juniper. When asked why they chose the QFX10002, customers consistently cited the following differentiators as key reasons for their decision:


  1. It offers the industry’s highest-density 40GbE solution in a fixed form factor
  2. It’s the only high-performance switching platform that offers investment protection for seamlessly migrating to 100GbE deployments
  3. It features the highest per-port buffer memory
  4. It includes production-ready EVPN-VXLAN routing
  5. It offers up to 1 million FIB scale
  6. It provides LSR/LER support with industry’s best MPLS implementation

All of us at Juniper knew all along that the QFX10000 was a killer line of switches. So it’s no surprise that people outside Juniper—especially our customers—are discovering that, too. In fact, it didn’t take long for industry experts to recognize how special the QFX10000 was; just weeks after it was announced, the QFX10002 won the Grand Prize in the Datacenter Networking category at Interop Tokyo in June 2015, beating out far more mature products from our key competitors (see the full list of winners here).


Then, in early November, we commissioned Network Test to conduct a neutral, independent third-party review of the QFX10002 switch’s key features and validate its industry-leading, unprecedented scalability. Network Test’s David Newman conducted the test; his published report is available for free download here. As Michael Pergament wrote in his recent blog, the QFX10002 not only passed every test, it smashed right through them, delivering the most impressive results in control and data-plane scalability.


To borrow a phrase from the current Star Wars movie, the force is definitely with the QFX10002. It only promises to get stronger with the impending shipment of QFX10008 and QFX10016 in Q1 2016.

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