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Kubernetes: The Modern-day Kernel

Kubernetes: The Modern-day Kernel


In the lead up to KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2019, we are posting a series of blogs covering what we expect to be some of the most prevalent topics at the event. In last week’s post, we walked through the journey from the monolithic to the microservices-based application, outlining the benefits of speed and scale that microservices bring, with Kubernetes as the orchestrator of it all. 


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The Changing Nature of Data Center Networking

The Changing Nature of Data Center Networking

The role of IT is changing. As IT used to be viewed as primarily a services organization, modern enterprises of even moderate size and sophistication are relying on IT as a key strategic contributor. With the shift in responsibility, there is a commensurate shift in IT leadership priorities. This shift is the focus of recent research led by PwC.


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