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Ethernet Switching

2 questions on EX 8208 ....muscular switches !!!!

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‎03-21-2012 10:05 PM



I have 2 huge 8208 switches  and 2 questions on them .... 


......2 huge switches  just came to our support dept to be powercycled and password recovery......i have used 3200 and 4200 but this one is 1st time for me, ...just curious if you any expert can tell me to find out the POE ports on it . The box which is with me has 2 SRE in it and only 1 fiber optic module in it ?  Do  i need special license to enable POE on the switch ..Plus when I am running chassis detail command it is spitting a message, have no clue on it ? please guide....


See attachment for the messages !


Ethernet Switching

Re: 2 questions on EX 8208 ....muscular switches !!!!

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‎03-22-2012 02:36 AM

You are in the backup SRE which can't check on details, try login to the master one to check.