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Aggregation Broken after server move

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‎08-20-2015 09:52 PM

Hi all,


Just went through a major server move for a client - looks like everything went well except only a very small subset of their network is up. I've got an EX4200 with 3 VC members acting more-or-less as the core switch (someone else set this up before me). 


Every light with a link is blinking on both link and actviity (and all in sync). My first though was broadcast storm, but WireShark only shows some mid-range arp traffic and nothing else. 


Is there a way to verify this is a broadcast storm on the EX4200 (STP is enabled, so that shouldn't happen...)






I've been doing lots of troubleshooting the past few hours; it appears that somehow the aggreated Cat5-3 link between my SRX and Edge-level EX4200 was broken during the move (they both experienced some downtime). I confirmed this using the command and output in reply to thynard's response. It's unclear to me right now where the problem is, but I was able to verify that everything is still as it should be on the SRX, so are the any reccommendations as to how to connect to my now-comatose switch and restore its functionality?


it's worth adding there are some service which flow through the EX but do not involve the SRX which I have confirmed up and working, so it's definitely the aggregation that broke this (which sucks, because the only stuff there is stuff users won't care about).

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Re: All lights blinking on EX4200

‎08-20-2015 10:04 PM

Is spanning tree stable? Have you learnt MAC addresses on all the ports?


show spanning-tree bridge


Ethernet Switching

Re: All lights blinking on EX4200

‎08-20-2015 11:46 PM



Thanks for your reply, I'm about to edit the post. What happened (apparently) is my aggregation between the SRX and access-level EX4200 broke.

show interfaces ae0

Spits out lots of garbage. Namely:

  Logical interface ae0.0 (Index 71) (SNMP ifIndex 535) (Generation 136)
    Flags: Hardware-Down Device-Down SNMP-Traps 0x0 Encapsulation: ENET2
    Statistics        Packets        pps         Bytes          bps
        Input :             0          0             0            0
        Output:          7653          0        979584            0
        Input :             0          0             0            0
        Output:          1921          0        245888            0
        Input :             0          0             0            0
        Output:          1914          0        244992            0
        Input :             0          0             0            0
        Output:          1909          0        244352            0
        Input :             0          0             0            0
        Output:          1909          0        244352            0
    LACP info:        Role     System             System      Port    Port  Port 
                             priority          identifier  priority  number   key 
      ge-0/0/2.0     Actor        127  40:b4:f0:f8:3d:00       127       1     1
      ge-0/0/2.0   Partner          1  00:00:00:00:00:00         1       1     1
      ge-0/0/3.0     Actor        127  40:b4:f0:f8:3d:00       127       2     1
      ge-0/0/3.0   Partner          1  00:00:00:00:00:00         1       2     1
      ge-0/0/4.0     Actor        127  40:b4:f0:f8:3d:00       127       3     1
      ge-0/0/4.0   Partner          1  00:00:00:00:00:00         1       3     1
      ge-0/0/5.0     Actor        127  40:b4:f0:f8:3d:00       127       4     1
      ge-0/0/5.0   Partner          1  00:00:00:00:00:00         1       4 

So my SRX isn't getting the MAC addresses from the EX4200, this is obviously a problem as I now have no way to access the EX to change this or correct for it.


Thanks for your time!