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Ethernet Switching

Cannot upgrade J-Web on EX4600

a week ago

We have a stack of two EX4600 switches that form the core of our network. They were running Junos 17.3R3-S3.3. Everytime we logged into J-Web an error message came up

"Unable to check for J-Web application package. Please check internet settings at your desktop"


When we upgraded to this version of Junos months ago we had to download J-Web and install via the command line. We just upgrade to Junos 18.1R3-S6.1 which is the current J-Tac recommended version. The upgrade went very smooth. After the upgrade was completed I logged into the J-Web interface and was hit with the message that I should download J-Web and install it. As you can see by the screenshot below it is not working. The "Checking Internet connectivity in device" has been spinning for 10 minutes. How can I fix this issue? What can I look for in the EX4600 config to indicate it has Internet Connectivity? When I went to the command line of the EX4600 and issued a ping it worked fine. 



Ethernet Switching

Re: Cannot upgrade J-Web on EX4600

I can install J-Web via cli so that maybe my best bet. All of my other switches I can load J-web via the stripped down J-Web interface just fine. Just cannot do it on my core switch