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Ethernet Switching

Cisco qos to Juniper cos config

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‎01-05-2019 02:44 AM


Please find attached cisco layer 2 switch configuraiton and help me to convert the same into Juniper COS.


Thank you...



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Re: Cisco qos to Juniper cos config

‎01-05-2019 03:35 AM

Hi Nik,


not that I'm able to help you with the CoS configuration... but I noticed that you uploaded your entire Cisco switch configuration including cisco 7 passwords. These encryptions are easily reversible so now you password for login and tacacs key can be read by anyone.


I would recommend you to remove your attachment and upload a new one only containing the relevant parts of the configuration.

Best regards,

Jonas Hauge Klingenberg
Systems Engineer, SEC DATACOM A/S (Denmark)