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Ethernet Switching

Configure 40G ports EX4300-24P

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‎10-16-2018 05:28 AM

Hello, I have some scenario - I need to connect two switches over 40G ports from Juniper EX4300-24P (Rev.A). Can I use four ports in backside EX4300 for this or this 40G  ports only for VCP?
If I can use it, how I can configure this ports? Because in the configuration I found only 10G interfaces xe-0/0/0. (firmware version 18.3R1.9)

scaran@ex4300_test# run show interfaces terse
Interface               Admin Link Proto    Local                 Remote
ge-0/0/0                up    down
ge-0/0/0.0              up    down eth-switch
gr-0/0/0                up    up
pfe-0/0/0               up    up
pfe-0/0/0.16383         up    up   inet
pfh-0/0/0               up    up
pfh-0/0/0.16383         up    up   inet
pfh-0/0/0.16384         up    up   inet
ge-0/0/1                up    down
ge-0/0/1.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/2                up    down
ge-0/0/2.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/3                up    down
ge-0/0/3.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/4                up    down
ge-0/0/4.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/5                up    down
ge-0/0/5.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/6                up    down
ge-0/0/6.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/7                up    down
ge-0/0/7.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/8                up    down
ge-0/0/8.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/9                up    down
ge-0/0/9.0              up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/10               up    down
ge-0/0/10.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/11               up    down
ge-0/0/11.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/12               up    down
ge-0/0/12.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/13               up    down
ge-0/0/13.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/14               up    down
ge-0/0/14.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/15               up    down
ge-0/0/15.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/16               up    down
ge-0/0/16.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/17               up    down
ge-0/0/17.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/18               up    down
ge-0/0/18.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/19               up    down
ge-0/0/19.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/20               up    down
ge-0/0/20.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/21               up    down
ge-0/0/21.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/22               up    down
ge-0/0/22.0             up    down eth-switch
ge-0/0/23               up    down
ge-0/0/23.0             up    down eth-switch
bme0                    up    up
bme0.0                  up    up   inet
dsc                     up    up
gre                     up    up
ipip                    up    up
irb                     up    up
irb.0                   up    down inet
irb.1                   up    down inet    
irb.10                  up    down inet    
irb.20                  up    down inet    
irb.300                 up    down inet    
jsrv                    up    up
jsrv.1                  up    up   inet
lo0                     up    up
lo0.0                   up    up   inet
lo0.16385               up    up   inet
lsi                     up    up
me0                     up    down
me0.0                   up    down inet
mtun                    up    up
pimd                    up    up
pime                    up    up
tap                     up    up
vme                     up    down

Correct me if I'm wrong: I need to create  et interface  (40G interface)like this?:

set interfaces et-0/0/0 unit 0 family ethernet-switching interface-mode trunk VLAN members all


Ethernet Switching

Re: Configure 40G ports EX4300-24P

‎10-16-2018 07:15 AM

By default, the QSFP+/40GE ports on EX4300 are configured for VCP.   You need to delete this setting and then configure ports as standard Ethernet for what you want to do.


Google "EX4300 vcp ports" and you'll get many hits for what to do.


Good luck