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Ethernet Switching

Detail on exact standards the EX complies with on 9.0 and additional features planned in 9.1

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‎01-30-2008 10:10 PM
I come from a background of high end enterprise LAN design.
I can appreciate some of the cool features the folks at Juniper have on these new switches.
The problem I see is that there is also a great deal of missing capability that I would see in another vendor product at a similar level.
Now I understand Juniper have a Layer 3 to the edge angle on this launch.  This does not however bode well in my mind for 2 reasons.
1- Tender responses will have a few to many do not complies and could create a perception in the end user mind that the product is not functional. (Based on the info I can find at the moment.)
2- Although the L3 to teh edge along with the new Virtual Chassis and other cool Junos features are great in most environments it allways comes in handy to have broard set of capabilities to ease any migration path.
Can I ask somebody to compile a complete list of standards supported on EX in 9.0 or point me to a place where I can find the info I am after.  Note (I said Complete List)
Ethernet Switching

Re: Detail on exact standards the EX complies with on 9.0 and additional features planned in 9.1

02.02.08   |  
‎02-02-2008 11:47 PM
The data sheets for the EX-series outline in detail the standards supported by each switch. Juniper supports open standards and therefore will not support proprietary protocols of other switching vendors. In most cases there is an equivalent standard for a proprietary protocol.

The EX-series contains a broad set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 features at FRS. If you are a partner please work with your Juniper account team SE to understand the feature roadmap in more detail.

If you could be more specific about features you would like to see we can possibly provide more detail and guidance.