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Difference between SFP "1000BASE-LX" and SFP "1000BASE-LX10"

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‎06-15-2014 01:03 AM

Hi Experts,

What is the difference between the SFP "1000BASE-LX" and the SFP "1000BASE-LX10" ? Is it only, the first supports SM and MM while the second supports only SM ? Can they both support up to 10 KM if operated in SM ?

The confusion is coming from that I found some juniper pages but with different info.

I am using the below link as my reference:


Also are they both supported in the card "PB-8GE-TYPE2-SFP-IQ2E" installed in an M120 router ?



Bassem Wahba


Bassem Wahba
Ethernet Switching

Re: Difference between SFP "1000BASE-LX" and SFP "1000BASE-LX10"

‎06-19-2014 03:29 AM

Looking at that spec sheet, I really don't think there is any difference at all.


The fact that the 1000Base LX module says it works on multimode is irrelevant - all single-mode optics will work on multimode, however with significant loss (hence why the distance is reduced from 10km down to 550m on multi-mode).


To answer your quesiton though, yes - they are both rated to 10km on single-mode fibre. 


Just remember though that distances are quite meaningless when it comes to actual real-world performance.  If you have poor quality fibre with lots of splices in it, then an optic may not be capable of achieving good signal to 10km.  Always measure the path loss, and use the minimum launch - receiver sensitivity to work out which optic is right for you.


This page:


seems to suggest that either of those optics will work (I've not yet seen an optic that won't work in an M-Series)


Hope this helps

Ben Dale
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