Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching


10.08.12   |  
‎10-08-2012 07:11 AM

show ethernet-switching-options                                                        
storm-control {
    interface ge-0/0/0.0 {
        bandwidth 1000;
    interface all {
        bandwidth 100;



in log:

]: ESWD_ST_CTL_ERROR_IN_EFFECT: ge-0/0/0.0: storm control in effect on the port


I tried to increase the value for ge-0/0/0.0(trunk interface),but still see this error


storm control can't be used in trunk interface?

how to find out the real broadcast/unknown-unicast traffic received in this interface?


Ethernet Switching


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10.10.12   |  
‎10-10-2012 12:18 AM

Hi Robbie,


I guess the BUM (broadcast/unknown unicast) traffic on your trunk exceeds the 1Mbps limit you set. As discussed in some other threads, the is no single correct bandwidth value to configure in all networks.


You should look at your network (sniff the traffic in each VLAN) to verify what's the 'regular' BUM traffic level or why it's so big. Depending on network size & applications 1Mbps may be OK.


Unfortunately Junos does not reported what BUM traffic level triggered the storm-control and I'm not aware of any easy method to measure unknown unicast level (without sniffer).


Test the config with bigger bandwidth values for trunk port.


Ethernet Switching


10.15.12   |  
‎10-15-2012 05:40 PM

Also, be careful with that setting.  Earlier versions of code lumped unknown unicast, broadcast, and multicast together.  Newer versions allow you to specify values for each type of traffic.


From 12.1:

  multicast            Enable multicast storm control
  no-broadcast         Disable broadcast storm control
  no-multicast         Don't enable multicast storm control
  no-registered-multicast  Disable registered multicast storm control
  no-unknown-unicast   Disable unknown unicast storm control
  no-unregistered-multicast  Disable unregistered multicast storm control



Ethernet Switching


10.21.12   |  
‎10-21-2012 04:22 AM



when you configure such low limits like 1 MBit/s you need to take three things into account as well:


  1. Burst that exceed the measuring windows of ~10 ms (for Gigabit interfaces). See

    [EX] Storm control calculation for the EX Switch

    for more information.

  2. Measuring is not super exact, so plus minus a couple of percent is a good idea.

  3. If this is not production traffic that triggers storm control but lab generated traffic with a software generator, you have to know that these programs are very inaccurate to match the real bandwith. I had to learn this by hard and ended up always to use a real packet generator tool like Ixia. Everything else is not really reliable.



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