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Ethernet Switching

EX 4200 and Bonded interfaces in Centos 5.x

03.29.10   |  
‎03-29-2010 07:53 AM

Hi All,

Just wanted to post some information about a configuration I had some trouble with, but managed to find a solution to. I was trying to setup an aggregated link on an EX 4200 switch to a bonded interface on a Centos 5.x server. The only way I could get it to work was using the following configuration:


On the EX 4200 switch I created an aggregated link (ae0) and assigned 2 ports to the link. I then set the link to use lacp in passive mode. I also added the switches to be a part of the management VLAN of which the switch is assigned ip address


On the linux machine I setup 2 NICs to be bonded (BOND0) then in /etc/modprobe.conf I added the following:


alias bond0 bonding
options bond0 miimon=100 arp_ip_target= mode=4 lacp_rate=1


I loaded the bonding interface with modprobe bond.


Now it all works for me...



Ethernet Switching

Re: EX 4200 and Bonded interfaces in Centos 5.x

05.17.10   |  
‎05-17-2010 03:37 PM

Thanks for the help, we def referenced this post when we were hooking up some of our servers to an 8208 via bond !