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EX 8200 (VC) - RE change fails

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‎04-16-2012 12:15 AM



i have a problem with our ex 8200 and the RE change.


I will change the Backup RE (SRE1) in my ex8200 vs. an RE from a other ex8200 without an config but the same Junos Version.


The RE runs in the ex 8200 chassis but when i logged in the console, i see that the RE is Master. It cant be, because the SRE0 is Master in the chassis. When i logged in the SRE0 i see thet it is Master too und wenn i make show chassis Routingengine is the that SRE0 ist Master and SRE12 is Backup.


So when i make the SRE1 Master, all routed und switched pings stop. I think the SRE1 don´t has the running config.



The ex 8200 runs with an second ex 8200 and two XREs in Virtual-Chassis mode and alle connections are running between the XRE´s and RE on the ex 8200.



So what is the procedure when i will change the RE in an ex 8200?? I think it must be Plug & Play?!


Junos Version is 11.4R2.14


Andre S.

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Re: EX 8200 (VC) - RE change fails

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‎04-16-2012 01:23 PM

is this a new / replacement RE?


if so, and its to be part of an EX8200-VC it's possible that the RE is not in 'VC-mode.'


unfortunately i'm not aware of a command as to how you check if its in VC mode or not, but you can force it to be in VC mode with an operational command (NOT a configuration command!)


Console into the RE in question and enter:


set chassis virtual-chassis local


this will cause the RE to reboot into VC mode and afterward it will hopefully join in with the VC properly.


in VC mode I don't think the internal REs have a config file per se, but once its up and joined, I would still make sure to do a commit sync from the master XRE just to make sure.


good luck,





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Re: EX 8200 (VC) - RE change fails

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‎04-17-2012 03:49 AM



 it runs when i set the RE in VC Mode.