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EX series dhcpv6 relay

‎05-29-2014 01:57 AM

Hi all,

i'm trying to setup a small ipv6 test nework. The layout is a simple one, a building with an EX-4550 pair as layer3 default gateway, and a remote dhcpv4/v6 server. Actually with SLAAC all works, but I would like to use the dhcpv6 relay on the layer3 to forward the dhcpv6 requests to a remote server.

On the ipv4 side, i'm using the "classic" forwarding-options helpers bootp, and all works good.

On the ipv6 side, i'm not able to relay the v6 dhcp packets to a remote server, I tried to search for some config examples but i found nothing useful Smiley Sad


Here my config:

show configuration interfaces vlan unit 301
description "v6 test";
family inet {
    address 10.x.x.1/24;
family inet6 {
    address 2001:x:x:x::1/64;

show configuration protocols router-advertisement
interface vlan.301 {
    prefix 2001:x:x:x::/64;

show configuration forwarding-options dhcp-relay
dhcpv6 {
    group tutti {
        active-server-group v6;
        interface vlan.301;
    server-group {
        v6 {
            2001:x:y::z; # <- v6 address of my dhcpv6 server
    active-server-group v6;


The ex-4550 vc pair is running on 12.2R5.3


Any hint on this ?




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Re: EX series dhcpv6 relay

‎05-29-2014 02:00 AM

Self-answer.... it seems that dhcp relay for v6 is only supported on 12.3R1... anyone can confirm if it is working on that release ?

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Re: EX series dhcpv6 relay

‎05-29-2014 07:27 PM

Yes very well according to feedback on this forum. I do believe they have a new heirachy also. But search this forum for DHCP IPv6 and you should find a number of people who are loving it. The new heirachy to configure DHCP is access. But I do not knwo if relay is configured in said heirarchy.

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