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EX2200 version 10.4R1.9; SIP problems Please help

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11.01.11   |  
‎11-01-2011 08:38 AM

Hi All, my fist time on here.. I have an issue with some our Siemens VoIP equipment connected to a customers EX2200 switch platform... I'm hopeing someone can give me some info on the following... 

The customer swapped out some Cisco 3750's for the EX2200's, unfortunalty we have been experiencing some very strange behaviour with our equipment after the change.. .

Basically our system are struggling to route properly and the only time I've seen these simptoms is when ALG is enabled on passthrough routers or switches... The question is does the EX2200 l3 switch act as a ALG and is sip aware????

I cannot see anything that jumps out on the config... 


Any help greatly appreciated.





Ethernet Switching

Re: EX2200 version 10.4R1.9; SIP problems Please help

11.03.11   |  
‎11-03-2011 09:51 AM



ALGs are by default firewall features... They are not supported on EX 2200 switches,,


Also attach your configuration for more information...