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Ethernet Switching

EX230048P Dropping computers

‎01-14-2020 08:59 AM

Hi there

has anyone ever had issues with a computer that suddenly drops off the network and will not connect to the internet? Could the mac tables be corrupt? Any thoughts or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

We are currently running the following OS on all of our switches (as suggested by Juniper Support)


Model: ex2300-48p
Junos: 15.1X53-D590.1

show configuration interfaces ge-0/0/31
unit 0 {
family ethernet-switching {
interface-mode access;
vlan {
members 1707;
storm-control default;



Ethernet Switching

Re: EX230048P Dropping computers

‎01-14-2020 09:10 AM

It appears that you have a case open with Juniper TAC, yes?  What is their analysis?  Have you tried to port mirror the ingress port to see what is happening?  Do you have port level security features turned on?  Are there any message is log indicating what might be going on?


If you are saying that client machine works, and then just 'stops' is there still link to the port/interface?  Does client still have proper IP and GW, does EX2300MP see the MAC of the device in ethernet-switching table?  Is this a specfic device having the situation and do other devices on the switch work fine?


Lots of basic stuff that needs to be looked at for almost anyone to figure out what might be happening.


I also might suggest you more to 18.2R3-S2, as that release has a number of changes associated with both EX2300 (all models) and EX3400.  Best to start there for any troubleshooting.


Good luck.

Ethernet Switching

Re: EX230048P Dropping computers

‎01-14-2020 01:09 PM

Juniper couldn't replicate the issue. What I did to fix the issue was


1. Disable the port

2. remove all vlans (including the voice vlan) and readd
3. Remove the dhcp entry on our windows 2018 dhcp server
4. Renable the port and voila it works.

This has been happening on off all over the network and just on this switch. Never experienced this issue with any Cisco switch. EVER.