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EX3300 Source Routing Configuration

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‎07-02-2014 01:32 PM

I need to configure source routing on an EX3300 switch.  There are three VLANs on the switch: voice, data, and guest wireless.  I want traffic emanating from the voice VLAN to route to the mpls router (, traffic from the data and guest VLANs will use the default route (  I did some research and found documentation on how to configure source routing, but thought I would post this for clarification.


I created a firewall filter that classifys traffic coming from the IP phones and applies the mpls-route-table.  That routing table has as its next hop gateway, the mpls router.  Then I applied that firewall filter as an input filter on vlan 5, the vlan that the IP phones are attached to at this location.  I have attached a copy of the configuration for reference.


Can anybody comment on whether this is the correct approach and whether this configuration will work as intended?





Ethernet Switching

Re: EX3300 Source Routing Configuration

‎07-02-2014 08:11 PM

Looks good for what you want to accomplish.

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