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Ethernet Switching

EX3300 failure mitigation

‎10-30-2018 10:51 PM

I am working at a site where EX3300 are failed in bulk numbers after each power shutdown activity.

At the same site, no other devices face this issue specifically. 

For the info, we are using "request system power-off" and then plugging out the power cord from the PSU.


During Power up, we check the electrical ratings before connecting the Power cord with PSU however even after taking a precaution, we have a bulk failure at the site.


Did any one see this issue with EX3300s? Also appreciate if any one can suggest a risk mitigation for the said scenario..

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Ethernet Switching

Re: EX3300 failure mitigation

‎10-31-2018 05:55 AM

A couple of questions first:


Are these stand-alone devices or in a VC?

If a VC, did all devices fail to recover properly?

Do you have a TAC case open (case #?), and if not, why not?

When was (approximately) the last time these devices were power cycled, that is what was the system up-time prior to your actions?


To recover, I fully suspect a USB install will recover these devices.

Depending upon your answers, I might have some suggestions, but I fully expect that UPS/power is not related to or involved here at all.