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EX3300 multicast

‎09-29-2016 09:50 AM



I have a single EX3300 and I'm trying to learn MVLAN and/or PIM. Not sure what would work best for my topology, lets describe it: 


* Single EX3300 switch 

* Doing L3 routing with OSPF, both IPv4 and IPv6 towards an vSRX in VMWare working fine. 

* l3-interfaces on all VLANs

* Dedicated VLAN for Multcast where I have an multicast source (Dedicated streaming server doing MPEG-TS) 

* Subscribers are in VMWare with distributed switch and IGMP snooping enabled 

* I have several routing instances but in this case the VLAN and interfaces are in the default one

* I'm not using ae interfaces to vmware or anything special. 

* Running 12.3R12.4 


I have not been successful at all to "travel" between VLANs,putting the reciver and server on the same vlan however work. I have seem a lot of guides about when you have a more distributed setup (several switches) but I just want to subscribe from my office VLAN (client) to my Multicast VLAN and would like to get suggestions about what the best way to do that. 


* I can see that the multicast group on the source interface gets registered on the EX

* Have not yet troubleshooted any further, just VLC on the client. 


Is there any good blog post about Multicast and Juniper EX covering the basics that I can use as a reference? 

Ethernet Switching

Re: EX3300 multicast

‎10-11-2016 10:32 AM

Bumping the thread. Would be glad to see if anyone has a working config that I can play with as there are so few examples online.