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EX4200 as edge OSPF/BGP

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We are planning to use EX4200 switches as edge devices. We are planning to use a pair for MPLS with OSPF and another pair for BGP for Internet access. We are planning to download full routing table.


Can someone hightlight the limitations of this design vs using routers?




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Re: EX4200 as edge OSPF/BGP

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‎03-01-2011 04:43 PM

Well, the short version is "don't do that."


The EX 4200 has a maximum of 16,000 IPv4 routes.  The full BGP table is currently somewhere around 350,000 routes, give or take a few.


You may be fine with your OSPF / MPLS deployment, depending on the size/scale that you need to deploy, however, you will need to look at something more purpose-built for being your BGP routers.


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Re: EX4200 as edge OSPF/BGP

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‎03-01-2011 06:39 PM

The EX4200 is designed to be used for access.  You're going to run into issues trying to use it as a router.  It isn't designed to support full Internet routing tables.  Also the EX4200 supports just one MPLS label, which allows you to run CCC, but nothing else.


You need to be looking at either the MX, M or J series if you need to have MPLS, OSPF and BGP services on the edge.

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