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EX4200 vs SRX650 24 port module - Supported Commands

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I am building my lab for the JNCIE.  I have two EX4200's but I would like to do more complex switching scenerios that require 4 switches.  I have two SRX 650's with the 24 port  ethernet modules in the lab.  What commands will be missing from the SRX 650 that are available in the EX4200?  Obviously, the virtual chasis stuff, but what about the other L2 stuff.





Christopher Snow
CCIE #13083 (R/S and Security)
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Re: EX4200 vs SRX650 24 port module - Supported Commands

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‎08-05-2011 01:26 PM

It doesnt support Strom-control,pvstp (up to 10.4),lldp,lldp-med ,analyzer,port-security stuffs.




Rest of the basic L2 features like RVIs and vlans and all are there.


Some L2 switching related advance features called mac-limit, mac-table-aging-time,no-local-switching ,no-mac-learning are also not thre on SRX.


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Saurabh Joshi