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Ethernet Switching

EX4300 Firewall Filters and Hosting Vlans

‎02-08-2018 10:19 PM

I am currently in a spot where I am trying to figure out the configuration of an EX4300 for my network. I am not sure how to setup the firewall filters to permit the correct traffic to pass in/out of the management port to reach the end points. Each port can only carry one type of traffic (e.i. data, voice, etc.). Each Vlan will only be hosted on this switch and they have helpers on the network.

If anyone is able to provide guidance or configuration examples, that would be greatly appreciated.

(I'm not the greatest at asking technical quesitons yet, so my terminology may be a little off.)


NetID -

Next-hop -

Management Vlan v1  -

Data Vlan v2  -

Voice Vlan v3  -

Printer Vlan v4  -


Call Manager (Voice tftp)  - and

Voice DNS (helpers)  - and

Data/Printer DNS (helpers)  - and

NTP - (primary) and (secondary)

Need ability to ssh from any endpoint in the range


example ports:

ge-0/0/0 will be the management port

ge-0/0/5 will be a data only port

ge-0/0/10 will be a voice only port

ge-0/0/15 will be a printer only port

Ethernet Switching

Re: EX4300 Firewall Filters and Hosting Vlans

‎02-09-2018 07:00 AM

Hi There,

Here are some pointers in setting up the switch:


Includes basics set of configuration examples:


Configuring VLANs & Routed Vlans for EX Series Switches (CLI Procedure)



[EX/QFX] How to provide SSH access to specific IP addresses and restrict SSH access to all other IP addresses:


[EX] How to limit SSH login for management to a range of IP address:


What is a Voice VLAN in EX-series switches and how to configure it?


Configuring VLANS and Trunking on the EX-series Switch






/Karan Dhanak
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Re: EX4300 Firewall Filters and Hosting Vlans

‎02-12-2018 12:46 AM

I will give it a try later this week. I appreciate the assitance.