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Ethernet Switching

Firewall filter for ethernet-switching issue

‎01-04-2019 02:24 PM


I have a couple of access-ports in a vlan (on an EX3300 running 12.3R7.7, one particular port should only allow traffic from specific ip-addresses.

I thought that would be straight forward so i configured it like this:

> show configuration firewall family ethernet-switching filter server-oob
term oob-access {
    from {
        source-address {
    then accept;
> show configuration interfaces ge-1/0/26
description "Server OOB";
unit 0 {
    family ethernet-switching {
        port-mode access;
        vlan {
            members s-oob;
        filter {
            output server-oob;

So the servers OOB port is connected to ge-1/0/26 and the addresses that should be allowed access to that interface is coming from other vlans.

When i commit this all traffic stops to that interface, why is that? And why is the traffic from the specific addresses not allowed?


If i remove the filter on the port, traffic flows fine.


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Ethernet Switching
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‎01-05-2019 08:56 AM

Re: Firewall filter for ethernet-switching issue

‎01-04-2019 10:21 PM


You have to allow ARP in this filter, this has been discussed umpteen times before on this forum





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