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Ethernet Switching

IGMP Snooping Daemon Crash

06.07.12   |  
‎06-07-2012 07:34 AM

What would cause IGMP Snooping to bug out and eventually the daemon to crash?


Started getting these in the logs, every few seconds:

 mcsn[20531]: %DAEMON-3-TASK_OS_MEMHIGH: Using 133489 KB of memory, 117 percent of available

Along with:

mib2d[982]: %DAEMON-4-SNMP_TRAP_LINK_DOWN: ifIndex xyz, ifAdminStatus up(1), ifOperStatus down(2), ifName ge-x/x/x
That interface is connected to a slingbox.


Also got these in between:

/kernel: %KERN-5: Process (20531,mcsnoopd) has exceeded 85% of RLIMIT_DATA: used 130288 KB Max 131072 KB


Then eventually, after about 16hrs:

%USER-5: Core and context for mcsnoopd saved in /var/tmp/mcsnoopd.core-tarball.1.tgz


Really just shooting in the dark at this point...I'm assuming slingbox is sending multicast, but don't see how it being down would cause IGMP snooping to crash...?