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Juniper QFX Models - Port Speed Variations

‎11-14-2017 04:04 AM

Hi , 


I am trying to achieve the below scenario with a QFX Model. Can't seem to find the right fit.

I need 4 ports of 100G;- 4 ports of 10G and also need few ports of 1G.


Now with the available models, I see one can either mix 1 & 10GE ports, or 10/40/100 GE ports. Can't see any that has the scale from 1GE to 100GE on the same switch.


Is this achievable?

I'm curious as to what Breakout cables mean as i haven't so much time on Optics form factors. Is any close a solution to what I have described? Or rather, what would be most cost efficient solution. 

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Re: Juniper QFX Models - Port Speed Variations

‎11-14-2017 04:57 AM

This is really a question you should be asking whomever your Juniper reseller/partner would be, or else your local Juniper sales team.


Why not QFX5110-48S (or similar)?  4 x QSFP28 (native 100GE or 40GE) along with 48 x 1/10 Fiber GE.  You'd need to use 1GE Copper SFP for 1GE copper, which adds to the cost, but appears to have everything you need, no?


My other suggestion (for greater port density) would be to look at QFX5200-32C:


This will provide you 10/40/100 GE.  100GE and 40GE are native, while to get 10GE you'll need a 4x10GE Optic along with a 4x10GE break-out cable.  Those SKU Options for SMF and MMF are (optic 1st, cable second; cable comes in different lengths):


JNP-QSFP-4X10GE-IR QSFP+ 40GBase-LR4 40 Gigabit Optics for up to 1km transmission over parallel SMF
JNP-QSFP-4X10GE-LR QSFP+ 40GBase Optics, up to 10km Transmission on Parallel single mode (4X10GE LR up to 10km)


MTP-4LC-M5M MTP to 4xLC pairs MMF passive breakout cable, 5m length
MTP-4LC-S5M MTP to 4xLC pairs SMF passive breakout cable, 5m length


For 1GE, not sure if you need Copper or Fiber or both, but best and most cost effective would be to purchase a 1GE switch (EX2300?) which has 10GE uplink, connect to QFX5200 via 10GE to get your 1GE support.


Yes, requires 2 switches to do this.

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Re: Juniper QFX Models - Port Speed Variations

‎11-14-2017 11:21 AM

The QFX5110-48S has 48 x SFP+ ports and 4 x 100G QSFP28 ports. All SFP+ ports can run both as 10G and 1G ports.

Should fit your requirements 🙂

Best regards,

Jonas Hauge Klingenberg
Juniper Ambassador & Technology Architect, SEC DATACOM A/S (Denmark)
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Re: Juniper QFX Models - Port Speed Variations

‎11-15-2017 08:21 AM

Hi Wendohw


QFX5110-48S: 48 1GbE; 48 10GbE; 4 40GbE; 4 100GbE