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Ethernet Switching

Junos 11.4 - netbios-snooping

‎11-29-2012 07:41 AM



I think some people find it useful: NetBIOS Snooping feature introduced in Junos 11.1

More info: Understanding NetBIOS Snooping


I had a chance to test it with Junos 11.1 without success, but 11.4R5.5 seems to have it fixed. EX2200 reports NetBIOS host along with regular LLDP info. Example:


admin@EX1# show protocols
lldp {
    interface all;

// censored/trimmed output follows

admin@EX1# show lldp neighbors
Local Interface  Parent Chassis Id          Port info          System Name
ge-0/1/3.0       -      00:11:88:16:xx:yy   00:11:88:0d:xx:yy
ge-0/0/47.0      -      00:1f:45:04:xx:yy   ge.1.48
ge-0/0/45.0      -      78:19:f7:9a:xx:yy   ge-0/0/47.0        EX2
ge-0/0/4.0       -      00:50:fc:cd:xx:yy     AAALAB\AAA105
ge-0/0/21.0      -      00:50:ba:be:xx:yy        MYDOMAIN\B1_LAB3_EW
ge-0/0/22.0      -      00:50:fc:cd:xx:yy        AAALAB\AAA105
ge-0/0/26.0      -      3c:d9:2b:77:xx:yy        XXXXSQL\PERSO3
ge-0/0/28.0      -      3c:d9:2b:77:xx:yy        XXXXSQL\PERSO4
ge-0/0/30.0      -      00:0e:7f:25:xx:yy         YYYYIIS\YYYYIIS-SVR
ge-0/1/3.0       -      00:15:f2:e5:xx:yy         MYDOMAIN\B1_19_SEK
ge-0/1/3.0       -      00:19:db:7d:xx:yy         MYDOMAIN\B1_18_HA
ge-0/1/3.0       -      00:1e:4f:99:xx:yy         MYDOMAIN\B1_12_MS
ge-0/1/3.0       -      00:1e:c9:36:xx:yy         MYDOMAIN\B1_P18_WINSRV2K
ge-0/1/3.0       -      00:1e:c9:3a:xx:yy         MYDOMAIN\B1_FILTR_PS
ge-0/1/3.0       -      38:59:f9:89:xx:yy          WORKGROUP\ACER


First 3 lines come from LLDP, following entries report NetBIOS nodes. Snooping works with trunk (ge-0/1/3), unfortunately no info about VLAN the NetBIOS name was seen on.