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[LIVE CHAT TRANSCRIPT] Chat Live with the Experts: The Advantages of Virtualizing your Network

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‎09-08-2010 02:28 PM

If you missed the live chat today, here is the transcript.


Transcript for Chat: 'Federal Chat', Thu Sep 16, 2010

mcr16: Hi BSiegel. Thank you for joining. We will begin in approximately 10 minutes.
mcr16: If you have any questions please feel free to submit them whenever you would like and we will
add them to the queue
mcr16: Hi Everyone. Thank you for joining. We will be kicking things off in about 2 minutes.
mcr16: As you all may have seen in the invite, everyone who attends this chat is eligible to receive a free copy of Junos Enterprise Switching. All you need to do to receive your copy of the book is send the following information to by COB today 9/16/10: Full Name: Organization: JNet User Name: Email: Mailing Address: Phone:
Jewels: Welcome to our live chat. Please feel free to submit your questions any time.
mcr16: Hi Juniper Experts! Here is a question that came in prior to the session:
mcr16: Question: What is the maximum number of member switches and ports that can be part of a
single virtual chassis? Answer: Up to 10 EX4200 switches can participate in a Virtual Chassis. If each
switch is a 48 port model with 2 10G uplinks each, that gives you 480 1G ports and 20 10G ports in one Virtual Chassis.
mcr16: Hi Everyone. Our presenters are standing by to answer your questions. Please make sure you are signed-in to J-Net using your username and password, so you can participate in the session.
mcr16: Here is another question that just came in:
mcr16: Question: What is the speed of the virtual chassis connections on each switch? Answer: Each switch has 2 64 Gbps connections on the rear of the device for a total of 128 Gbps.
mcr16: Hi rr1fb thanks for the question. Our Juniper team is currently working on your answer
rr1fb: Will a 4200 VC be able to support ISSU in the future?
jeff@juniper: To rr1fb ISSU is definitely on the product roadmap, although there is no committed release yet.
mcr16: Hi Everyone. Our presenters are standing by to answer your questions. Please make sure you are signed-in to J-Net using your username and password, so you can participate in the session.
juls: How many interfaces can be part of a LAG bundle on EX and what is the maximum number of bundles per system?
jeff@juniper: To juls On the EX4200 a maximum of 8 interfaces can be part of a LAG and a system can support 64 LAGs. Full details on all EX platforms can be found here: Hello, I am not seeing or hearing anything. Can you direct me.
mcr16: To There is no audio to this session. This is a text chat session.
mcr16: To You may send any questions you would like around our Virtual Chassis technology. Our Juniper experts are standing by to answer your questions.
mcr16: Here is a question that just came in: Question: Will EX4200 platform listen to CDP? Answer: No, CDP is a Cisco proprietary protocol. The Juniper EX switches are designed to be standard compliant therefore the EX switches support standard-based LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) instead which has the same functionality of CDP.
mcr16: To jonesdnet Thank you for your question. We are working on a response now.
mcr16: To jonesdnet HI shoffman73. Thank you for joining. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions.

jonesdnet: How fully have you work on implementing new standards like TRILL in the current 10.x code?
rfjaeger: To jonesdnet We have plans to do TRILL, however, there currently are only proprietary implementations of TRILL-like functionality. Our virtual chassis technology is our answer to TRILL. With Virtual Chassis, you dont need another protocol to manage (e.g. TRILL) and you make use of all links
rfjaeger: and virtual chassis provides some other advantages like treating devices in the VC as a single device with, in some cases, dedicated backplane technology connecting the members of the VC without using up customer facing interfaces.
jonesdnet: So would the same apply to MVRP for management of VLANs? I assume you don't do VTP as it is proprietary.
steve-jnpr: To jonesdnet Right. VTP is proprietary and the EX supports MVRP and GVRP. Thanks.
mcr16: Thank you everyone for your questions. Our Juniper experts are currently working to provide answers. Please note that this chat session will be archived for you to view after the session.
mcr16: Here is another question that just came in: Question: Can a Virtual Chassis exist across distant geographic locations? Answer: Sure. One can designate a front facing port, 10GE or 1GE as a virtual chassis port, then interconnect VC members via Ethernet. One can also mix and match rear VCPs and Ethernet VCPs. For example, one might want 2 members in a building 1 wiring closet and another 3 building 2's wiring closet. Within the closet the members interconnect using the rear VCPs and between buildings a 10GE.
steve-jnpr: To rr1fb hi, we saw you drop off and wanted to mention that we didn't see the Cisco link. Could you resend?
rfjaeger: on an EX8200, you can use up to 12 10GE in a single LAG to connect members of the VC
juls: How does one determine which members of the virtual chassis perform the routing-engine or linecard roles?
mcr16: To juls By default, the first two members that boot are master and backup routing-engine roles and subsequent members assume the linecard role. One can modify this action by setting an mastership priority value. There is also a pre-provisioned mode allowing deterministic role designation by chassis serial number.
rr1fb: Is there PBR support for multiple tracking options. Here is a link:
steve-jnpr: To rr1fb thanks for the link. let us dig into that and get you an answer shortly.
mcr16: To all that just joined ... you may have seen in the invite that everyone who attends this chat is eligible to receive a free copy of Junos Enterprise Switching. All you need to do to receive your copy of the book is send the following information to by COB today 9/16/10: Full Name: Organization: JNet User Name: Email: Mailing Address: Phone:
Jewels: Please make sure you sign into J-Net first if you'd like to post a question. Our experts are standing by to answer your questions in the order received.
mcr16: Thanks everyone for the great questions. Please continue to send in any questions you may have, and we will answer them in the order we receive them.

rfjaeger: One question that has been asked several times is this: "how is Virtual Chassis different from a stackable" ... the answer is that there are three major differences: 1. primary and backup control planes (or route engine -- RE) are elected upon boot and maintain the same state. in the event of a primary RE failure, the backup immediately takes over without interruption of the forwarding plane, in the same way that a primary and backup route engine fail over in a chassis based system. This is different than a stackable that must go through an election process and forwarding is interrupted during that process. And with Virtual Chassis with 10 devices, you can have up to 9 RE failures and as long as the forwarding planes are in tact, there is no disruption to packet forwarding. 2. Virtual chassis behaves as a single manageable entity therefore when JUNOS is upgraded on the master routing-engine, JUNOS is automatically upgraded on other VC members. 3. support for ISSU … soon we will support ISSU (in service software upgrades) which operates the same as on chassis based system. This allows for upgrading the OS with less than 10 seconds of packet loss … this is for full package upgrades, not just patching.
steve-jnpr: To rr1fb Following up on the PBR with object tracking question. JUNOS offers this sort of functionality through a few features, real-time performance monitoring (RPM), filter based forwarding, and event scripts. One can monitor latency and other real-time parameters with RPM and use an event script to take action on the routing-instance associated with filter based forwarding (PBR).
juls: Does the EX4200 Virtual Chassis support aggregrated Ethernet where member links of a single LAG bundle are spread across Virtual Chassis members.
mcr16: To juls Yes. Via the Virtual Chassis Ports (VCP), LAG bundles can consist of members on any member within the virtual chassis.
rfjaeger: to follow up with rr1fb, one nice thing about the event script (and operational and commit scripting ) is that it works across all routing, switching, and firwewall products that run the juniper operating system. are you familiar with our scripting and would you like more information
rr1fb: thanks ... so is that currently supported on the EX4200?
steve-jnpr: To rr1fb yes, RPM, event scripting and filter based forwarding are all supported in GA releases of JUNOS for EX
juls: Can any of the switches be the master in a Virtual Chassis configuration? If so, what is the election process?
jeff@juniper: To juls Currently yes. The election process is as follow: 1.Highest Mastership priority (user configurable 0 thru 255, factory-default is 128) 2.Master in previous boot (saved Mastership priority used before reboot, if any) 3. Uptime of the box (if uptime difference between chassis' is greater than 1 min) 4. Lowest switch base MAC address
rr1fb: Will the EX4500 support FCoE or FC and when?
rfjaeger: To rr1fb yes, EX4500 supports FCoE now as of the latest release. This is new hardware to support FCoE, not *just* a software upgrade in this case
sstover: How do I upgrade JUNOS for all the member units of a Virtual Chassis?
steve-jnpr: To sstover Hi, this is one of the advantages of the virtual chassis. One just copies a single JUNOS image to the master virtual member and issues the software install command once. All the VC members are upgraded automatically.
mcr16: If you are currently signed-in as a guest, please make sure you are signed-in to JNet using your username and password if you would like to ask a question and participate in the session.
Jewels: Hello everyone. We have about 15 minutes left in our chat session. Please get your questions in before the top of the hour. Thank you.
rr1fb: rfjaeger: No, I'm new to junos, can you send me more info on the scripting. thanks
jeff@juniper: To rr1fb
rfjaeger: To rr1fb
rfjaeger: junos automation (commit, event, and operation scripts) offer a lot of flexibility in enforcing business policy, catching problems, and automating troubleshooting .... email me at for more information ...
Jewels: Please note that we will post the transcript of this chat in the Switching board within 24 hours after the event ends.
sstover: Can the EX4200 also route?
jeff@juniper: To sstover The base license of the EX4200 includes static routing, RIP, OSPF, and IP multicast. An advanced license will enable BGP, ISIS, MPLS and IPV6. For a full L3 feature list please see ...

juls: What are the advantages of Virtual Chassis over TRILL?
rfjaeger: To juls TRILL was invented to replace spanning tree, to avoid blocking of links. Virtual Chassis eliminates the need for spanning tree using an internal shortest path first algorithm to offer these advantages as well as a single management plane for several physical chassis that make up the VC.
rfjaeger: but it requires you to configure and run yet another protocol ....Virtual chassis simplifies the network operation.
jungle: what is the url of the switching board to obtain the chat transcript? 

Jewels: To jungle

Jewels: We have about 5 minutes left, please submit any other questions you would like answered. Thank you!
mcr16: We will be sure to contact anyone who has unanswered questions at the end of this session.
mcr16: Remeber to contact us today if you would like to receive a complimentary Junos Enterprise Switching book. Send your info to Full Name: Organization: JNet User Name: Email: Mailing Address: Phone:
mcr16: we are working on one more question before concluding the session
rfjaeger: one thing related to LAGs for interconnecting members of the virtual chassis is the size of LAGs....on EX switches we support up to 8 or (in the case of ex8200) 12 10GE interfaces per LAG to interconnect devices in the VC ... on the MX routing and switching platforms, the link aggregation groups can be up to 16 10GE interfaces ... 160Gbps interconnect ... pretty cool ...
juls: What other Switching Platforms does Juniper have?
steve-jnpr: To juls Juniper, offers VPLS on routers and the MX series does native switching. The MX
series is really designed to be an Ethernet dense router with full scale routing capabilties. However, it
also can perform L2 switching with IRB.
jeff@juniper: Thanks for all the great questions. Bye for now.
Jewels: Thanks everyone for joining. This concludes our session for today, have a great day! Remember to check the Switching board later for a transcript of this live chat. You can ask any other questions in the Switching board.
mcr16: Thanks everyone for joining today. Please feel free to continue to conversation off-line and send any questions you may have to
jstafford: Hi, is it fair to say that VC is a better alternative to RSTP and RTG in terms of failure recovery?
steve-jnpr: To jstafford Especially in top of rack solutions it makes more sense to go with a single entity virtual chassis than a bunch of separate switches running STP. Failure recovery is instantaneous in the virtual chassis.
mcr16: Thanks everyone! Goodbye!

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Re: EX 2500 switches

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Is an EX-SFP-1GE-T (SFP) for EX 2500 needed to obtain 1 GB over Cat6 cable?


if yes, then why it is not listed as an option in the datasheet/configurator tool/excel global list price?