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Ethernet Switching


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‎06-24-2013 03:49 AM



on several switches we are running into a warning regarding vmember threshold limits:


warning: Exceeded vmember threshold limit, it is recommended to have not more than 8192 vmembers'
I looked around and found the following:
- a vmember is a vlan configured on a port ( 1 trunk with 2 vlans is 2vmembers, 2 trunks with 4 vlans is 8 vmembers)
- every vmember consumes resources and when it grows too large the eswd process can grow to large, perform strange or the switch could possibly crash
- Juniper states the following: 'To determine the maximum number of VLAN members allowed on a switch, multiply the VLAN maximum for the switch times 8 (vmember limit = vlan max * 8).'
Now this leaves me with several questions:
- are my assumptions correct?
- if so, 8 times 4096 is 32768 vmember maximum for EX4500 sounds like a not so good maximum for such a pricey switch
- how can I view the current vmember on a switch? We have a lot of switches and different people configure different vlans on the interfaces each day. I could really use a command instead of running through the configuration and calculating it
- what is the experience of others with large amounts of vmembers on the different chassis?
I did not before really look at or heard of vmembers, we just checked the maximum vlans and vstp etc. This is kind of a blow to the EX4500 performance wise.
Ethernet Switching

Re: Maximum VMEMBER

‎06-24-2013 06:03 AM

As far as counting goes, you could probably use "show eth int" piped through "match" and "count."