Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching

Multicast configuration to prevent flooding in flat layer2 network?


We have a flat single subnet network that will be utilizing multicast for video. The network is a simple star topology with an EX4600 at the core with several EX2300 connected to the EX4600. I am utilizing the default VLAN. We will have quite a few devices connected to the EX2300's and quite a few multicast groups. I want to be sure that multicast traffic doesn't flood the network.


What is the ideal practice and configuration to prevent multicast flooding in a layer2 network?  My understanding is that IGMP snooping and multicast routing is used to facilitate and prevent flooding, but it is primarily a layer 3 protocol. What is the configuration for layer2?  Should IGMP snooping still be enabled and then configure an IGMP querier which would be the 4600?


Please advise