Ethernet Switching
Ethernet Switching

QFX/EX Mixed VC Switching/Routing problem

‎09-04-2019 08:56 AM

I have an interesting problem with our Virtual Chassis setup. We had a QFX5100 VC and we added two EX4300s to the virtual chassis and switched to mixed mode. This was done to expand from one rack to two. Anyway, we are slowly getting ready to go to production with the second rack when I notice that we cannot ping out to the Internet from the servers in the new rack.  Both racks use the same VLAN and can communicate with each other just fine. So servers in the old rack can ping out the Internet and other VLANs just fine but nothing in the new rack can ping out to other VLANs or the Internet. You also cannot ping the servers in the new rack from other VLANs. There is also a SRX cluster that complicates troubleshooting as all other VLANs reside on the SRX (L3 interfaces are located on the SRX) except the other that is on both racks. So I spent three days trying to figure out why. Went to open three JTAC tickets and we have so far traced the problem down to the switch VC and the new EX4300 not passing the traffic. The pings from other VLANS arrive at the server and the server replies but the reply does not make it out of the VC to the firewall. My suspicion is the the traffic is not going over the VCP links properly. JTAC needs to setup a lab to diagnose the problem.

Anyone heard of an issue like this? This is a first for me.