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Ethernet Switching

QFX5100 MC-LAG with multiple overlapping QinQ - is this even possible / xconnect?

‎05-16-2020 09:48 AM



I have two partner Links - from "blue" and "red". They come with MC-LAG on different sites. The packets are double tagged. Red and blue use the same S-Tag/C-Tags, so they are overlapping. As I want both links on each MX-Router (also with a manual fallback if the "simple" noname switches in the network fails - dotted line) the question is: Is this even possible on QFX5100?


So I need the content (which is doulbe tagged) of MC-LAG#blue-in (from Partner blue) to put it onto the MC-LAG#blue-out (to noname switch1) and on the same switch MC-LAG#red-in (from Partner red) to put it onto the MC-LAG#red-out (to noname switch2). I use Switch1 and Switch2 to double the partner-feed onto the two MXes which works (I use this already but no MC-LAG, no different sites and no QFX5100s). I know that that is not fail save, but I need MC-LAG on two different sites now and this is not possible with the Switch1 and Switch2 (no MC-LAG only LAG - no georedundancy possible). And there is also the "manual" fallback (dotted line).


It would be great to build a "virtual switch" for Partner blue and Partner red on QFX5100, but I am afraid this is not possible?

So are two different MC-LAG-IN/OUT Interfaces possible without getting colission problems with the vlan-ids?

Also is there a way to spare (replace) the Switch1 and Switch2 and do everythin with the QFX5100 if I can clone the feed red/blue?


Thanks for your opinion / example / ideas!


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